PineappleTeaCat Branding & Marketing

PineappleTeaCat is a brand that I started in Spring 2019 to showcase and sell some of the art and photography that I have done. The brand has a small online following and has made a few appearances at craft fairs.


The Idea for the name and logo was to create something that was unique and memorable, but not specific to any one type of art form, leaving the option to expand into other types of creations that don't typically fall under the art or photography categories. The branding has since evolved to reflect both a serious photographer and whimsical artist/crafter.


Below are some of the marketing and branding assets that I have made so far, including a logo, business cards, and social media posts.

logo for PineappleTeaCat. Icon is a pineapple shape with the bottom portion resembling a teacup and a cat nose and whiskers on the pineapple
Business cards for PineappleTeaCat
Hanging banner for PineappleTeaCat